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Common Useful Household Items

Lemon Juice


1) Rub cut lemons on counter tops to brighten and deodorize. Wipe Clean.

2) To brighten pots and pans, rub lemon halves evenly throughout. Let stand five to fifteen minutes - wipe clean.

3) To brighten silver jewelry, dilute equal parts concentrated lemon juice and hot water. Let jewelry sit in solution approximately 15 minutes. Rinse in warm water then polish clean.

4) As a rinse for oily scalp, buy generic Lexapro, massage in concentrated lemon juice...leave in five minutes. Rinse with warm water.

5) Fresh lemon juice may be put into your white or colored wash to brighten and deodorize.

6) Apply lemon juice on wood surfaces with a touch of olive oil to keep your wood polished, glowing, and protected) Lemon juice can be mixed in with most drinks as an antioxidant.

7) Lemon is great for bad breathe as well as helping to fight bacterial infections, which is why it is often used in hot teas when you have a cold.

8) Lemon can also be applied on minor body fungi.

9) Lemon oil makes a delightful fragrance for the body and may be mixed with perfume body oils for that extra fresh scent that lasts all day.

10) Lemon juice was used in olden days to help reduce slight fevers as well as great in the treatment of sore throats and mouth sores, Lexapro No Rx. .

White Vinegar

1) In reusable spray bottle, dilute equal parts white vinegar and water. Spray on glass surface. Wipe clean. Lexapro use, Feel free to spray on full strength for tuff jobs.
2) To remove strong animal odors, spray full strength on problem area. Lexapro No Rx, Let stand 5 minutes. Wipe clean.
3) If your child is still in the process of potty bed training, spray on full strength, wipe, and allow mattress to dry in the sun if at all possible - or simply open your windows and let air-dry.
4) For a naturally clean oven - apply vinegar and baking soda. Let mixture sit overnight if at all possible - scrub or wipe clean.
5) White Vinegar and warm water may safely be applied as a wash for minor outer feminine itch. Discomfort should cease after just one washing, definitely after 24 to 48 hours. Repeat twice a day or as needed. If discomfort persists or a discharge or odor is present, consult your health provider.
6) For deodorizing strong odors in your wash - add half to one cup full strength white vinegar to bright and whiten - may be used full strength in place of regular bleach.

Baking Soda

1) After tooth-brushing, apply a little baking soda on clean toothbrush then re-brush gently all over, Lexapro No Rx. Whitens and brightens teeth. Use once to twice a month.
2) As a carpet or upholstery refresher, sprinkle then vacuum.
3) Baking soda may be mixed with white vinegar and or lemon juice for abrasive purposes like tub, tile, or basin cleaner.
4) If you suffer from mild stomach acids or indigestion, dilute equal parts soda and water then drink.
5) Fires are immediately extinguished by sprinkling baking on the fire.
6) For shoe odors, sprinkle in shoe then rub in.
7) Add baking soda to your wash to deodorize.


1) As an emergency antibiotic - apply on affected area.
2) Salt makes an excellent gargle mixed with warm water - equal parts salt and warm water.
3) If you run out of toothpaste, salt may be used in place of paste. Purchase Lexapro, For added whiteness, use along with baking soda.
4) If your coffee pot has stains, fill pot with cold water - add ice cubes and salt - mix and let sit all day if possible. Rinse your coffee pot in hot water then dry. Your coffee pot will look good as new and totally stain-free! Lexapro No Rx, 5) Salt may be mixed with honey as a scrub mask for oilier skins. Salt and beaten egg whites may be used as a quick scrub.

Olive Oil

  1. Olive oil is a wonderful moisturizer for both hair, body, and face as well as a great make-up remover.

  2. Olive oil may also be used as a hair conditioner for dry scalp and/or dry, lifeless, chemically treated hair.

  3. Olive Oil may also be taken for constipation.

  4. If you apply olive oil and a natural perfume oil on a damp wash cloth your wood furniture will remain protected and smell good too.


Epsom Salts

May be used as an internal laxative. It increases the water in your intestines thus promoting pressure leading to a bowel movement. Read instructions on box concerning measurements and usage for children - remember, laxatives in any form should only be used as temporary constipation relief.

Is excellent in a warm bath for sprains and bruises, arthritis, and stiff joints - as well as muscle aches.

Epsom Salts is excellent after an exhausting day - offers relaxation and helps in blood circulation .

Epsom Salts will also help with pain of insect bites as well as draw out splinters in skin.

Epsom Salts will deep clean your pores as well as soften skin.

Epsom Salts should be used only in moderation. Read package instructions carefully.

Tea Tree Oil

I found some excellent information on Tea Tree Oil as well as some alternative uses. Keep in mind this oil can not be taken internally, can not be stored in plastic containers due to its melting properties, and is not to be used undiluted on babies or inside of ears or eyes, Lexapro No Rx. Store this oil away from children. Lexapro street price, This is a wonderful product if used safely.


1) For relief of the common cold, apply a few drops to a warm towel and lay on chest or back...oil may also be added to a vaporizer.

2) Helps cure skin fungi.

3) Helps heal cold soars.

4) Helps reduce inflammation from hemorrhoid and reduce pain. It is not known whether or not it is a total cure for such a problem.

5) To treat yeast infections, soak in a warm bath with a few drops added in. Do not apply pure tea tree oil into vaginal tract.


  1. Honey added to any cold drink will energize you.

  2. Honey added to a hot tea in the evening will promote restful sleep.

  3. For indigestion, take a tablespoon of honey to relieve acid buildup.

  4. Honey has been used to treat heart disease... using it as a sweetener every day is quite beneficial for your heart.

  5. Lexapro No Rx, Honey is wonderful for children as a disinfectant for minor skin wounds as well as promotes healing.

  6. Use on lips for both children and adults to treat dryness and chapped skin.

Sulphur:For Scrofula - Drink small amounts each day till cured.
For Ringworm - Make a poultice of sulphur and butter till fungus disappears.

Hydrogen Peroxide 3%:1) Mix with water to wash meat and vegetables before cooking. Rinse well with cold water!
Please Note: Because of wind and rain as well as normally occurring soil erosion, even organic fruits and vegetables could have small traces of chemical pesticides and or anything that grows in soil or consumes from it such as livestock. It is unfortunate to spend some much more money on safer organic products yet not fully know how chemical free they truly are.

2) Add a bit to your dishwasher for sparkling dishes and glassware.

3) Use it in a solution mixed with water to clean and deodorize diaper pails, Lexapro pictures, trash cans, kitchen counters and appliances. I find it easier to put mixture in a recycled spray bottle.

4) Run a cup through your clothes washer to refresh and clean your machine or add 4 to 8 ounces full strength to your wash to brighten whites. I don't recommend it with colors. You can also run it through one dishwasher cycle, Lexapro No Rx. Please keep in mind Hydrogen Peroxide has bleaching properties so please do not mix with other cleaning products - just water!!!

5) Apply it full strength on a cotton ball and gently wipe all over face and neck as a skin toner. This also helps control and or eliminate mild breakout. Do not use every day. Where can i buy Lexapro online, I use it as a toner about once a week when I apply my Egg White or Honey Mask. It's Great!!! Lexapro No Rx, 6) Helps heal cuts and scrapes quicker with less scarring due to its mild bleaching and brightening properties; certainly cheaper than those over the counter anti bacterial creams and liquids.

7) Applied on a toothbrush with or without toothpaste, will whiten and brighten your teeth as well as help control bad breath for hours. Since studies have not yet proven anything concerning internal use, try not to swallow.

8) Soak fingernails and or toenails in mixture of water and 3% H.P. for 5 min. to keep nails bright and clean. Helps Eliminate nail fungi such as athlete's foot. By the way, if you notice your finger or toe nail becoming discolored, please seek the advice of a dermatologist - this could be signs of an internal infection only treatable through medication taken orally.

9) Bathing or soaking in this solution(with water of course)will balance your skin acids as well as soften and tone - .makes an excellent foot soak as well for tired and rough feet.

10) Finally, never use any product full strength unless otherwise indicated .

**The authors of this site are neither licensed physicians nor scientists; we simply provide a space where hard to find information is free for the gathering. Use common sense when implementing any of our suggestions or those of your fellow reader. **


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