About Simplitudes

Welcome to Simplitudes, the place to find alternative information on voluntary simplicity, on living life to its fullest, an uncomplicated approach to living in today's rapidly changing, corporate dominated, commercialized world, while enabling each one of us to obtain freedom and the time to enjoy it.

With folklore from 'old-timers' to newly acquired insights of family and friends, as well as those from our own (and your) experience, we hope we can provide a deeper sense of how life can be simplified.

Our basic philosophy is simplicity, but we also believe that there is virtue in the modern world. I love computers, digital cameras and Novocain, however for much of the marvels of the twenty-first century, the price is too high in dollars and in the time spent acquiring those dollars. We are being manipulated by giant corporations and the media which they either own or support.

As a result, the quality of our lives is diminishing with each new gadget we're brainwashed into believing we cannot live without.

When I want pizza, I either order it, or make it. When my daughter wants gymnastics lessons, I write a check without a second thought.

I live in this world and for the most part, I like it, but I would not enjoy the pizza if I had to gobble it down in haste or stress. And my daughter would not want her gymnastics classes, if she thought I sold another piece of my life to get it for her.

Basically I want freedom of wallet without further enslavement of spirit and wholesale diminishment of my time, and I can accomplish that through the simplification of my "needs" and the development of creative alternatives to spending.

I want simplicity!

We began this Site several years ago, but for a variety of reasons (mostly to do with perpetuating our own existence and comfort levels - and assessing our priorities) we were forced to devote less time to its development than we had hoped. Things have changed both personally and on a global scale and this Site is undergoing a rebirth.

This site is free, as is the work we do here. We have no products (perhaps a book or two down the road) and no pitch. The site is fueled by the sponsor links you'll see scattered about the pages and donations. Feel free to click on those that interest you and ignore those that don't.

There are only two people involved in this project. I'm Jeff and my partner is Gigi. We share a daughter and a deep friendship (now that we're longtime divorced from each other), but our time is limited.

I'm a freelance web designer/writer/videographer and Gigi's a former concert pianist, a wife and mother of two. We will devote as much time as we can to this Site, but you can help by contributing your knowledge and suggestions.

If your great- grandmother told you how to cure warts, tell us. If you figured out a way to save fifty dollars/year on dish washing, pass it on.

Likewise, if you know how to repair a purple striped widget, or if you've heard of a recipe which'll save either time or money by tasting so good I won't want to order that pizza send it in, and together...

Lets build a world where parents can watch their kids perform at a gymnastics expo without looking at their watches, where we can write checks for what's truly valuable without worry, secure in the knowledge that we've saved more than enough by plugging all the tiny (and often not so tiny) holes in our wallets, our clocks and our lives.

**The authors of this site are neither licensed physicians nor scientists; we simply provide a space where hard to find information is free for the gathering. Use common sense when implementing any of our suggestions or those of your fellow reader. **


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